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Petersen Tegl is a group of brickworks, focusing on the craft of bricks.
As the only such company in Denmark, Petersen Tegl has mastered the art of firing bricks with charcoal as fuel. This gives the charcoal-fired part of Petersen’s brick products a uniqueness which is appreciated by building owners and architects throughout Europe.
Petersen Tegl also produces the avant-garde of bricks, the handtailored Kolumba™, and a range of mini-bricks in the scale 1:3 – Petersen Petersen Junior™.
Petersen Tegl is also the company behind Petersen Klinker A/S and a full range of hand-manufactured paving tiles for squares, gardens, paths and parks.
Brick Eloquence!

Product group: Outdoor flooring Hard floors Facade systems Facade systems Cladding panels Ceramic
Petersen Gruppen
Nybølnorvej 14
6310, Broager
Phone: +45 7444 1236