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Judith Seng Home furniture
Judith Seng investigates our contemporary culture and its materialized manifestations. Her works are poetic yet analytical and span the field between research, experimentation and creation of objects and spaces.

Her projects have been exhibited worldwide in institutions such as at the Art Centre Seoul, Carousel du Louvre Paris, Museum fuer angewandte Kunst Cologne, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin, Gesellschaft fuer Kunst und Gestaltung Bonn, Tokyo Art Museum, Museum der Dinge Berlin, MARTa Herford, Appel Design Gallery Berlin, Post Design Gallery Milan, Neumeister Munich, Helmrinderknecht Berlin and the HAU Berlin. Some works can be found within the collection of the Fonds National d`Art Contemporain (FNAC).

Editions of her objects are produced by Studio Judith Seng as well as by Industreal, Memphis s.r.l. and CIAV Meisenthal. Judith Seng also teaches and consults for different clients and at international art schools.

Product group: Seating Tables Storage / Shelving Hallway
Designer: Judith Seng
Studio Judith Seng
Urbanstrasse 64, 2. HH
10967, Berlin
Phone: +49 30 26033508
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