Horizon Profile

Horizon Exterior lighting
Horizon is at the same time a young and old entity, which combines youthful naive enthusiasm with a strong base of experience.

Horizon is technology coming from different disciplines applied to light, mainly focused to LED.

Europe. this is our world, where we were born and where we live. the place where not only production but our culture was born.

This is the first Horizon catalog, where we wanted to put the basic for everyday products the rock upon which we’ll build future thought.

For the desire to contribute to the world of light and technology with our point of view.

Product group: Wall-mounted lights Ceiling-mounted lights Recessed wall lights Recessed ceiling lights Spotlights LED lights Linear lights Wall lights Recessed wall lights Ceiling lights Recessed ceiling lights Floor lights Recessed floor lights Spotlights / Uplights LED lights Facade lights Street lights Garden lights
Str. Valenza, 4/L
15033, Casale Monferrato (AL)
Phone: +39 01 42590189