Hannes Wettstein was one of the most innovative and influential designers in Switzerland. His background alone did not follow a standard pattern: born in 1958, Wettstein completed an apprenticeship as a structural engineering draughtsman and then trained himself as a designer and architect.

He was fascinated by technological developments as well as art history and architecture; and somewhat alchemical and ingenious, his unique way of developing ideas never disappeared. In his own words, he questioned all norms, social, industrial, cultural and ritual, in order to discover something new. This absoluteness was not an attitude but a methodology. His willingness to always rethink everything determined by design – everyday actions, organization of rooms, the purpose of things – led him to create surprisingly simple solutions that outlasted time. Technology transfer from design-resistant fields, years of scientific work on an idea or a material and a fine sense of brand quality – Hannes Wettstein shaped a world in which he sought to comprehend the essence of things that surrounded him. Pure, unspectacular, functional design was the stamp of his lights and furniture.

Again and again he returned to sleek forms and classic modern lines. These suited his vision of the world and society in that, even before his time, he knew that only self-evident design can be endurable. Hannes Wettstein designed elegant and perfect objects for daily use that maintained their identity and remained timeless even in the changing flow of fashion. Also in room design he created archetypes: complete and sensitive solutions for specific locations, interior fittings or set designs. The comprehensive way in which he helped designed the world lives on today in the company he founded in 1991, Studio Hannes Wettstein.

1980 Belux, Snodo
1982 Belux, Metro
1987 Baleri Italia, Juliette
1990 Baleri Italia, Caprichair
1994 Ventura, v-matic
1995 – 1998 Berlin Grand Hyatt
1997 – 2002 EST, Bikes
1999 – 2008 horgenglarus, Art Direction
2000 Lamy, Scribble
Cassina, Globe
Molteni, Alfa
2000 – 2008 Carl Zeiss, Optical Instruments
2002 Ventura, v-tec Alpha
Bulo, Double You
Dada, Nomis
2002 – 2006 Swiss Embassy, Washington D. C.
2003 Cassina, Hola
Molteni, Reversi
2004 horgenglarus, Lyra
2004 – 2008 Juwelier Kurz, Zürich & Basel
2005 – 2008 SF, TV Studios
2005 Lamy, Studio
Accademia, Vela
2007 Max Design, Tototo