Georg Riedel, born in 1979 in Dresden, studied at the Bauhaus-University Weimar with Prof. Kuno Prey, Prof. Axel Kufus and Prof. Fritz Rahmann. Already during the studies he began to collaborate with the Artificial and with the italian furniture company Antidiva, for whom he designed two sofas. As a consequence he founded his own Studio »GRID - Georg Riedel Industrial Design« and has worked since then as a freelance designer. With other works, which are crossing the undefined frontier between Art and Design, Georg Riedel participated at group-exhibitions of contemporery art


-»Sostenute Inquadrature« Polifemo Studio, Milano, 2007
-»Ausgewählte Studienarbeiten der Fakultät Gestaltung« Haus am Horn, Weimar, 2004
-»Flotsam & Jetsam – Ballast und Treibgut« Documenta Hall, Kassel, 2001
-»Alles, was Kunst ist« ACC Galerie, Weimar, 2001


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