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EMU was founded in 1951 in the Italian region of Umbria as a result of a wealth of knowledge and skill acquired in the metalworks sector. Thanks also to its know-how of technology, the company became a leader in the sector of outdoor furniture during the 1980’s and 1990’s. In 2005, EMU President and co-founder Riccardo Biscarini and LVMH luxury goods group (L Capital investment fund) repositioned the brand on the market. In 2011, the year that marked the 60th anniversary of the company’s founding, a new phase began for EMU: Fondo Opera took over the company with the main objective of further developing the entrepreneurial project of re-launching it through (among other things) the reinforcement of company capital.

As a reverse trend in comparison with the recent pressures of delocalization, production of metal furniture is deeply embedded within the factory at Marsciano whose 70,000 square metres host about 150 employees. The quality of the furniture is guaranteed by a “made in Italy” production and EMUS’s commitment to the sector of technological research through constant studies of materials and production techniques. This commitment involves continuous and progressive improvement of its know-how of metalworking, an area in which the company has always been proud to state its excellence and worldwide recognition.

Thanks to the diversification of its lines and its considerable manufacturing capacity, EMU is the only company to cover an extremely wide bracket of the market which spans from large-scale retail trade to the market’s highest segments. Product lines include seats, tables, loungers, relaxation areas, living rooms and accessories which are available in a variety of materials - from metal and aluminium to wicker and teak – to satisfy any demands of price and design.

Contract use, the strategic sector of the company dedicated to collective use, has brought collaborations with an international flair into existence. Luxury hotels have chosen EMU to furnish their spaces and terraces de charme: the Colony Hotel chain in Costa Smeralda, The Gray del Sina Hotels and Park Hyatt in Milan, the Exedra in Rome, the Granducato in Florence and the Hotel dei Dogi in Venice (Boscolo Hotel chain) up to the more recent collaborations with the Nh Hotel chain, the Meydan Beach Club at the Dubai Marina, Le Meridien in Istanbul and the Atlantica Leisure in Cyprus (to name a few) host the unique Italian taste and style of this brand’s creations. Other important hosts of EMU’s design are the RBC Design Centre in Montpellier, the Venaria Reale Savoy Royal Palace and the décor of Parisian restaurants Le Saut du Loup and Ephémère.

The degree of distribution is ulterior proof of the company’s growth and development thanks to a widespread network of over 1000 authorised retailers in Europe specialized in garden furniture. Moreover, thanks to new exclusive collections created by some of the world’s finest designers such as Carlo Colombo, Paola Navone, Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet and more recently Jean Nouvel and Arik Levy, the company’s products have been selected by prestigious interior design stores. The increase in turnover and production in recent years on the foreign market bears witness to EMU’s wide expansion, making the company Europe’s number one outdoor metal furniture manufacturer.

2012 was a year of confirmation for EMU: it witnessed company consolidation and a positive response from various markets, more specifically the European market, a reward for the decisions to diversify distribution into three distinct brackets (Design, Contract and Garden) and to continue production at the Italian factory. These proved to be winning strategies notwithstanding unfavourable economic circumstances. The past two years have therefore been positive, despite the complex international economic scenario: skill, Made in Italy, quality, improvement in distribution and the constant development of innovative products are the pivotal points around which EMU’s developmental strategy revolves.

Therefore, EMU will continue along the path it has outlined with particular attention to the international market in order to strengthen its presence abroad. EMU will continue to consolidate its leadership as an Italian brand which has been operating and manufacturing in the outdoor furniture sector for over 60 years. 2011, the year of its 60th anniversary, saw the beginning of a new phase for Emu. In fact, the company finalised its move to the financial group, Fondo Opera, with the ultimate aim of giving a fresh boost to the already expanding company, and at the same time of strengthening company capital. Contrary to recent trends towards decentralisation, production of Emu’s metal furniture is strongly established at the Marsciano plant, which covers 70,000 sq. m. and employs 150 workers. The quality of the furniture is guaranteed by its “made in Italy” production and by its commitment to continual technological research into materials and production techniques. Emu can already claim merit and is highly esteemed throughout the world, yet it is determined to continuously and steadily improve its know-how in the sector of metal processing.

Thanks to the diversification of its lines and its exceptional production capacity, Emu is the only company that covers such an extremely broad market, ranging from large-scale retail to the luxury sector. Their product lines of chairs, tables, loungers, furniture for relaxing, living room sets and accessories are available in a variety of materials, ranging from metal to Emu wicker and Teak Metal, and can fulfil every price and design requirement.

The contract market, a strategic sector within the community for the company, has given rise to international relationships. Many prestigious hotels have in fact chosen Emu to furnish charming terraces and other areas: the Colony Hotel group on the Costa Smeralda, The Gray of the Sina Hotel group and the Park Hyatt in Milan, the Exedra in Rome, the Granducato in Florence, the Hotel dei Dogi in Venice of the Boscolo Hotel group, and the chain of Nh Hotels, to name but a few, are home to the unmistakable taste and Italian style of Emu’s creations. Emu furnishing is also notably present in the Savoy royal palace of Venaria Reale and at the Le Saut du Loup and Ephémère restaurants in Paris.

Distribution provides further evidence of strong company growth with an extensive European network of over 1000 dealers specialized in outdoor furniture. Moreover, thanks to their new designer collections, signed by the most important international designers, such as Arik Levy, Carlo Colombo, Paola Navone, Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet, the company’s products have also been selected by the finest quality shops selling interior furniture. The Chiaramonte-Marin studio has been an important partner for over 15 years in the product development stage, and has recently developed the new Soft Ware fabric collection for Emu. This collection is certainly not lacking in character and will enable Emu products to be “dressed” in top quality fabrics with all the new trends in colours. The growth in sales and production in recent years bears witness to the great expansion of Emu, which is currently the largest European producer of outdoor metal furniture.

Over the last two years, 2010 marked a significant moment in the re-launch of the company, with a strong rise in its turnover (up by more than 18% compared to the previous year), thus rewarding the company’s experience which identified diversified distribution for the three segments, Design, Contract and Garden, as a winning strategy to overcome the critical state of the world economy and markets. What is more, the decision to continue production in Italy has also been rewarded, considering the increases in the price of products imported from abroad, especially from Asia, and the consequent drop in the differential cost between European and Asian products. This was confirmed in 2011 during which there was still further growth in the company turnover.

Emu is, therefore, pursuing its previously charted route by paying special attention to the international market in order to strengthen its presence abroad. The company is continuing to consolidate its leadership as an Italian brand which has now been operating and manufacturing in the sector of outdoor furniture for 60 years.

Product group: Seating Tables Storage / Shelving Complementary furniture Conference / Meeting Lounge area / Waiting room Seating / seating systems Multipurpose Gastronomy Garden seating Garden tables Garden lounge Sunshades Outdoor textiles Garden lighting Planting Bathroom furniture Seating / Relaxing Upholstery coverings Decoration
Designer: Chiaramonte & Marin Aldo Ciabatti Stefan Diez Arik Levy Jean-Marie Massaud Paola Navone Paul Newman Jean Nouvel Paolo Lucidi Luca Pevere Christophe Pillet Patricia Urquiola Samuel Wilkinson
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