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The “not common things” by COVO return to enrich the design “dictionary”. Simple and wise objects made of few signs, but capable of being remembered. In the contemporary saturated condition, we find ourselves surrounded more and more by a world of “things”. Material and immaterial things, real and imaginary things, sacred and unholy things, things which are useful and things that are not, good and bad things. The Design takes care of these things and can do it in many ways: rethinking, reinventing, copying, covering, playing around or being serious. Otherwise, like COVO tries to do: by observing.

Observing the world of “things” which surrounds us and trying to imagine new objects which will take their places in the empty spots of our imagination. Objects born therefore, from the careful exploration of the material landscape, thinking of our world as a sheet full of signs which too often are confused, and loose their meaning….

As it happens in children drawings, or in prehistoric graffiti (humankind’s own infancy), where few lines describe worlds and stories; the “not common things” by COVO try to offer simplicity, erasing confusion and focusing on emotion rather than reason. Therefore, between clothes hangers resembling tree branches, tables like hedges, chairs like flowering fields, seats that embrace, “magic” lamps that raise, photo frames like strings stretched on the wind and soft crystals, our world of “things” becomes a world of “signs”. Simple “signs”, in black and white or in colours, which like emotional codes fill the blank sheet of our gaps. The “not common things” by COVO are autonomous objects, capable of relating with all our landscapes, but are also phrases of a story, the story of COVO.

Product group: Seating Relaxing Tables Storage / Shelving Beds and bedroom furniture Hallway Lounge area / Waiting room Wardrobes Table lights Floor lights Suspended lights Bathroom furniture Living room / Office accessories Dining-table accessories Watches / Clocks
Designer: Harry Allen Ran Amitai Katarina Andersson Chiara Andreatti Emmanuel Babled Bakery Design Mark Braun Jocelyn Deris Leonardo Fortino Emmanuel Gallina Damien Gernay Richard Hutten Setsu & Shinobu ITO Ari Kanerva Maria Kirk Mikkelsen Katherine Krizek Gilli Kuchik Mikko Laakkonen Mikko Lakkonen Loris & Livia Marko Macura Cherif Morsi Minna Niskakangas Marcello Panza Julian Pastorino Andrea Rekalidis Takahide Sano Rich & Victoria Scott Jerszy Seymour Jessica Signell-Knutsson Nao Tamura Roberta Tinelli Kazuhiko Tomita Ingeborg van Uden Matthias Zschaler
via degli Olmetti, 3/B
00060, Formello
Phone: +39 06 90400311
Fax: +39 06 90409175
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