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The «Design Preis Schweiz»
awarded furniture collection con.temporary furniture is
a system of desks and shelves that is easy to transport and mountable without any screws, nails or tools. A new definition of the notion home office is presented. Offices become classy but jovial like homes, while aes- thetic home furniture easily turns into an efficient work place. Its design is rational and lives on the reduction to the essential. The clever dimensional units offer an unlimited flexibility for interior design.


The collection of con.temporary furniture allows for a number of diversified desk and shelf arrangements.

Besides the archetypical freestanding work and meeting desk there are narrower models that can be placed directly against a wall and offer more legroom due to a lightly shifted support bar.

Shelves for the orderly home office archive can be found in different heights and corresponding number of rack bays in ring binder height. Additionally, there are sideboards that optionally can be used as work space extension, because their height is adjusted exactly to the desktop level. The modularity offers infinite liberties.

Production Concept

With MADE HERE con.temporary furniture pursues a global-local goal to reduce unnecessary trans- ports and costs by using local raw material as well as manufacturers. The ecologically and economically meaningful result gains additional value by establishing an estimable connection between the customer, producer and the product. Following this philosophy con.temporary furniture combines stylish and practical design with sustainability.


«con.temporary furniture» - easy to move and simple to assemble. There is no need for screws or tools to put them together and they are made from the most renewable resource – wood! «con.temporary furniture» is composed of clear-cut plywood panels that can quickly be put together.

The furniture is available in two different versions at corresponding values.
First – for people who love it genuine - the simple and natural raw finish, planed and grinded plywood. Second, there is the lino finish. It includes panels and / or desktops covered with black linoleum.

All furniture is made of «FSC certified» multiplex plywood.
Multiplex plywood is made of laminated veneer lumber. The characteristic lines of the front face originate from the crosswise glued layers. The count of the veneer lumbers is always an odd number, which makes it very strong.

For both finishes we use FSC certified silver fir multiplex plywood panels.

The measurements are based on the Japanese «tatami» grid system. The primary unit values we use are 85cm x 170cm – just the size of the desktop. For the slim shelf the unit is divided lengthwise (170cm) by 4 = 42.5cm x 85.0cm. For the broad shelf the unit is divided width ways (85cm) by 2 = 42.5cm x 170.0cm. Each furniture height results through the addition of the layer height which is equivalent to a folder height. This measurement limitation makes sure that the furniture can easily be hauled by personal means of transportation.


All products can be ordered online. Once an order is placed, it will be relayed to our selected local carpenters.

Your placed orders will leave the factories within the following periods: 3 days for raw finish versions and 8 days for lino finish versions. Every customer will receive the order directly from the respective factory, in order to ensure a most direct and personal contact between manufacturers and customers, and to avoid any unnecessary travels or intermediary stations.

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