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The Cherner Chair Company was founded in 1999 by Thomas and Benjamin Cherner, sons of the American furniture designer Norman Cherner. Since its inception, the Cherner Chair Company has brought back into production many of Norman Cherner's most popular designs. Utilizing his original drawings and specifications, the reissued designs are manufactured with the same attention to detail found in the original hand made classics. Cherner Chair products are now available worldwide. In addition to reissuing the molded plywood chairs, stools and tables, The Cherner Chair Company has introduced lighting and children’s furniture in addition to new designs by Benjamin Cherner. The Cherner Chair Company is the sole licensor of Norman Cherner and Benjamin Cherner designs.
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Norman Cherner
Although best known for his furniture design, Norman Cherner's work included almost all aspects of design: from graphics, glassware and lighting, to his pioneering work in prefabricated housing. Norman Cherner's furniture designs include the "multi-flex" modular storage system, the "Konwiser Line" of furniture and lighting, and molded plywood seating for Plycraft which he designed in 1958. The molded plywood ‘Cherner Chair' became his most recognized design and is found in furniture collections worldwide. In addition to Plycraft, Norman Cherner created designs for some of America's most prominent furniture manufacturers including Haworth, Gunlocke, Modern Mode, Konwiser, Howe and Branrud. Publications such as the New York Times, Dwell, Modernism, Interior Design, Progressive Architecture, Interiors, Better Homes and Gardens & House Beautiful have featured stories on his furniture and residential designs.

Norman Cherner studied and taught at the Columbia University Fine Arts Department and was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. At the same time he also began his own practice, embarking on a lifetime exploration of architecture and furniture design.

Although best know for his furniture design, Cherner was initially interested in housing as industrial design and became recognized as a pioneer in the design of pre-fabricated housing. His first houses were built in 1948 for a co-operative community in Ramapo, New York. These homes were examples of his belief that the house and what goes into it should be considered together. One of the first pre-fabricated houses in America, the “Pre-built”, was designed and produced in Camden Maine in 1957. This design was later commissioned by the US Department of Housing and was exhibited internationally. This modular “Pre-built” was to become the designer’s home after it was shipped back to Cherner’s site home in crates from an international design exhibition in Vienna.

Norman Cherner's books include: "Fabricating Houses from Component Parts" (1958) "How to Build a House for Less the $6,000" (1960), "Make your own Modern Furniture" (1953) and "How to Build Children's Toys and Furniture" (1954)

Benjamin Cherner
Benjamin Cherner is the son of the furniture designer Norman Cherner and co- founder of the Cherner Chair Company. He heads the multi-disciplinary design studio Chernerdesign. His most recent work, a duplex penthouse in New York's East Village has been featured in Dwell magazine and the New York Open House tour. His building designs often incorporate his father's as well as his own furniture designs. Benjamin Cherner is a registered Architect in New York and Connecticut and holds degrees in Architecture from Arizona State university and Columbia University.

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Designer: Benjamin Cherner Norman Cherner
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