PANDOMO® is a modern system for surface design and provides every opportunity for architectural designs. For the floor. For the wall.

What counts is your idea. We supply the material. Each time the result of this interaction is a unique product.

PANDOMO® Wall is a soft primer comprised of a cement base and an elastic-rendering synthetic powder. It is the foundation material for a totally new wall design concept. From noble matt finishes to strong, textural surfaces – everything is possible.
It´s more than just a matter of colour and surface. You can incorporate other materials and elements, so opening up infinite possibilities for an integral joint-free floor surface.
PANDOMO® offers just as many design possibilities as you need. And, if you develop new visions, then we have achieved our aim.
PANDOMO® Floor is a cement based floor covering which has the character of a large scale area stone floor without joints. With a thickness of only 5 mm the floor can cope with permanent loads, it is resistant to chair rollers and its colours do not fade. The colours can be customized and mixed to create patterns and signs. The surface is oiled and gets a silky gloss look, which is water repellent.

Product group: Hard floors
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