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True Beauty Inside and Out

A matter of the heart: for 60 years, COR has been combining quality craftsmanship and innovative design to create supremely comfortable upholstered furniture. Inner values included!

True Beauty Inside and Out
A sense of value: Marketing Director Berthold Strüve knows how to make the benefits of the COR brand transparent

In a manner of speaking, COR is interlübke's younger sister. It was founded in 1954 – also by Leo Lübke, together with the then Prince of Bentheim-Tecklenburg. His Serene Highness's coat of arms featured three hearts. And because producing outstanding upholstered furniture was a matter very close to the two co-founders' hearts, they called the new enterprise COR, which is Latin for heart.

True Beauty Inside and Out
Youthful good looks: Friedrich Wilhelm Möller designed the pioneering upholstered furniture system "Conseta" back in the early 1960s

Since 1994, the family business has been headed by Leo Lübke Junior, the third generation of his family to run the company. He takes the same approach to quality, reliability and innovativeness as his grandfather did before him. COR receives major accolades and design awards at regular intervals. "That's because, besides the consistently impressive quality of our materials and production methods, we've been creating product lines that have become talking points since a very early stage in the company's history," explains Berthold Strüve, head of marketing at COR and interlübke.

True Beauty Inside and Out
Cuddly: "Bahir" by Jörg Boner is an ideal choice for relaxing moments. The seat and backrest seem to merge seamlessly with one another

Over the years, COR's intense collaboration with creatives such as Luigi Colani or, later on, Peter Maly, as well as with numerous young design firms like Studio Vertijet and Jehs & Laub, has often resulted in designs that sustain their success for many years and achieve the status of classics. That too is a tradition at COR. In the early 1960s, for instance, F. W. Möller designed the upholstered furniture system "Conseta", which has been in production ever since. The "construction kit", which consists of various upholstered modules, a choice of armrests and a selection of legs for varying degrees of floor clearance, revolutionised the furniture world.

True Beauty Inside and Out
Suspenseful: "Mell Lounge" by designer duo Jehs & Laub blends casual comfort with minimalist elegance

True Beauty Inside and Out
Evolution: tables, armchairs, loungers and sofa beds – over the last four decades, "Conseta" has developed into a big family of products

Together with the products' "inner values" – the true beauty of a piece of COR furniture – it is this creative scope that continues to guarantee a level of customer satisfaction which, in the top-end segment, is mainly derived from the possibility of wide-ranging individualisation. These "inner values" are hidden qualities, the kind of thing that isn't obvious at first glance or simply remains invisible. The fact that so many stages of the production process take place on site – from the construction of the solid beech frames and combination of the different upholstery foams all the way to the perfectly sewn fabric or leather covers – guarantees perfect seating comfort. COR doesn't hand quality control over to anyone else and has established long-standing and reliable collaborations with its leather and fabric suppliers, with the result that the furniture's obvious and hidden qualities can unfold their joint effect over many years. And in every single one of the models, regardless of whether it's an individual armchair or a generously proportioned ensemble, handmade craftsmanship plays the leading role. It is what gives the custom-built furniture a look and feel that exudes a sense of value and reinterprets the design and product idea in every single piece. EB

True Beauty Inside and Out
Flexible: "Jalis" by Jehs & Laub is diversity cast in a common mould. Mounted on platforms, cushions are raised to the status of seating furniture and radiate a sense of security and comfort


Photos: Heiner Köpcke, COR

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