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Nora Schmidt
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The Modulor House

The Berlin material supplier for architects and designers opens a creative store in Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg

With a range of more than 20 000 materials Modulor is probably the major supplier of model construction products for architects, designers and artists.
In its Berlin Modulor shop and online at the firm of Modulor has established itself not just as an international wholesaler, but also as a comprehensive internet research tool in the "material for creatives" field.
The Modulor House
The momentary Modulor shop in Berlin

Modulor catalogue 2009/10
The Modular catalogue, which is now generally regarded as a standard work of reference for materials, is almost legendary and is an integral component of every design or architecture studio.
The eagerly awaited new Modular catalogue has been on the market for a few months now. Its expanded chapters make the catalogue even more clearly structured and stimulating. For each product, for example, the necessary tools and possible combinations with other materials are indicated. Explanatory introductory texts provide in-depth information about the properties of the material, together with processing possibilities.
The Modulor House

The Modulor House
The Modulor catalogue 2009/10

The Modulor House
The Modulor sample box with 200 material samples
Order the Modulor catalogue or sample box here Order the Modulor catalogue or sample box here

The Modulor house for creative spirits
Over its twenty years of existence Modulor has grown continuously. The former manageable shop in the Gneisenaustrasse in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg has increased its display facilities more and more and behind the modest shop windows there is a labyrinthine treasure trove of materials and tools distributed across a number of floors. And even though the Modulor shop is bursting at the seams, demand from customers continues to exceed supply.
The Modulor House
Berlin Moritzplatz: In 2010 the Modulor House will open here

In order to provide the best possible service in response to the increasing demand and customer wishes, the idea arose of opening a creative art store – a kind of market place for creative spirits.
After years of looking for a suitable building the time has now finally come. By the middle of 2010 the Modulor house at Moritzplatz in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg is to be opened. The Modulor shop will grow from its present 1500 square metres to over 5000. The 16 000 square metres of the Eighties building are to be completely gutted, because the new layout will enable flexible use of the area. The Modulor shop will form the centre of each of the four floors. Around this 'market place' 30 to 40 service, retailing, publishing and consulting firms will be grouped, together with social and cultural projects, all of them aimed at the creative industry. They include, for example, printing services, suppliers of ecological building materials, high-quality tools, specialist booksellers, cabinet makers, screen printers, an architecture portal, an Apple store with service workshop, sewing services, galleries, a milling and laser service, studios and rental workshops.
The Modulor House
Large free spaces make it possible to use the Bechstein house ina very flexible way

A library of materials and building supplies includes samples and planning documents from selected manufacturers – a service which is free of charge to visitors and is financed by the producers who are represented. Temporary work stations and events facilities are aimed at building up a professional community.

A full year of conversion work still lies ahead of the Modulor team. We look forward to the results and wish the team every success!
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