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Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel

Successful Living from Diesel

X-Ray music and vintage treatments inspire the first collection Successful Living from Diesel
Moroso, with Diesel, has created a collection of products with a relaxed and comfortable mood, taking its inspiration from an informal lifestyle concept and targeting consumers who like simple shapes yet at the same time seek a 'modern' style made up of high quality combined with a distinctive design of pure lines.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Overdyned Chair by Diesel and Moroso

“We worked with the Diesel creative team, headed by Diesel Creative Director Wilbert Das, to develop an interesting and alternative collection idea which was to represent two different yet coexisting aspects of certain contemporary trends: one which is darker in tone, inspired by the underground world and with a more aggressive and enigmatic aesthetic, and the other lighter, inspired by nature and a visual radiance, with soft and welcoming shapes”, explained Patrizia Moroso who always follows all the phases of every design project personally.

All this has produced the Camp and Rock collections: the first consisting of a sofa – Nebula Nine Sofa – which is soft like a large cloud, has generous shapes and where you can sit or lie on large, soft cushions with stonewashed linen covers which define the sofa, making it the ideal space for relaxing and socialising. The frame is in wood throughout, very strong and compact.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Nebula Nine Sofa

Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Nebula Line Sectional Sofa System

The Camp collection also includes a series of other products in hand-painted wood: the Overdyned Lounge Chair, Overdyned Side Chair and two small tables, the rectangular Overdyned Table and round Overdyned Side Table. The paint detail in these products is particularly important as the technique used (ragging) means that the natural streaks of the wood are revealed and which, coloured and then wiped away, create a special vintage effect. The support structures are instead in black painted steel.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Overdyned Lounge Chair, Side Chair, Low Table, and Side Table

The Rock collection is in a different mood, one where the Diesel inspiration is linked to the world of music, concerts and the visual idiom. The rectangular occasional table Xraydio 2 Disc is therefore made by printing the X-ray of a dj console on glass and using the colours of the night with shades from electric blue to black. By retaining the transparency of the glass the effect is truly strong, evocative and highly iconographic.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Xraydio 2 Disc

Patrizia Moroso sums up: “The best thing about this collection is that it’s alternative and different. Each product has its own strong identity yet its value increases even further when all the items live together, strengthened by a laid-back, fun and rocker vibe and creating an interesting mood as shown in the fine images by Massimo Gardone which are to be included in the Successful Living from Diesel with Moroso catalogue”.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
X Ray Group Room Divider
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Music denim and military attitude become the protagonists of next winter’s season
The new Diesel home textile collection “Successful Living from Diesel,” developed in partnership with the Zucchi Group, is being renewed with stories that play on the rock lifestyle. The evergreen vintage inspiration characterizes the whole collection blending with an innovative design to create ultra modern products.
Characterized by photographic prints that reproduce, in a realistic way, new and classic themes that tell unexpected tales, the new Forrest Haze duvet cover is a picture of a forest lost in a muffled atmosphere of trees and branches in the foreground and lit by a background game of light and shade.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Tromp l’oeil: Forest Haze

The rock feeling of the collection is revealed with the new print Sound System, a black and white celebration in a vintage version. The duvet cover print is a never seen before patchwork of turntables, amplifiers, record players and tape recorders.
Utopia, the new duvet cover set, has a soft and dreamlike soul that is mixed with evocative and symbolic graphics taken from the medieval tapestry culture. The overall result is soft, fluid and enveloping, in ink blue, crimson and black tonalities.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Utopia. The new collection has been designed by the Diesel Creative Team, headed by The Creative Director Wilbert Das.
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A new light illuminates the Diesel universe: lamps in movement and old lanterns transform to the rhythm of rock, intoobjects of design
From casual to vintage, from rock to pop and from adventure to emotion. This is a collection of completely new lamps that speak a multitude of languages, tell different stories and express the Diesel style in ironic, irreverent and creative ways. A new adventure with which you can customise your space, break free of cliché and bring your personality to light. This is the birth of a new collection of lamps that are as strong as metal, as soft as fabric, as slender as a luminous cage and as brilliant as chromed glass.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Diesel Lighting Collection by Foscarini

Cage takes its inspiration from old lanterns. The luminous body is protected by a decorative cage. The metal grille with its irregular structure and a hand-made flavour contrasts to the brilliant diffuser within. The lamp is available in three colours: white for a gentle atmosphere, black for a more conceptual mood and light green to recreate the retro spaces of the ’60s and ’70s. This lamp has a dual soul: when switched off, the full, strong colours reflect the outlines of the cage on its shiny surface; once turned on, the body fills with light and changes the colour of the structure. Cage is available in hanging, floor and table versions.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel

Glas is a modern reinterpretation of the classic work light used in warehouses and factories worldwide, which has become a furnishing style icon. The warm, suffused light has a retro feel. The use of innovative materials like glass combined with a silver-coloured surface that recalls metal, transforms this model into a unique decorative element that will strongly characterise any space. Glas is available in hanging and table versions.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
Glas is based on the classic work lights originally used in factories. Its materialisation in glass refines the familiar industrial light in an elaborate way.

Rock is the artistic interpretation of a split volcanic rock, that reveals clear, sparkling crystal inside. It is a hanging lamp with a captivating form, dark-coloured and flecked with golden speckles. There is a strong contrast between the dark, external surface that is rough to the touch and the casually sculpted and the shiny, iridescent interior with its paler tones. When illuminated, the asymmetrical interior surface creates a dramatic visual effect.
Moroso, Foscarini, and Zucchi Group for Diesel
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