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Introducing a transversal and integrated experience of the Kartell World

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Introducing, a complete website presenting the company and its products in a cross-cutting way, using an all-new approach for the design sector with a wealth of content, images and video giving users a true 360° experience. For the first time, in addition to presenting the company’s events, initiatives and projects, the new also lets visitors order all of the products from its catalogue. The online store is now open to all countries of the European Union, and will progressively be opened to other international markets.

Introducing a transversal and integrated experience of the Kartell World

Milan, 15 May 2014 – Kartell spa, leader in the design sector, is launching its first completely integrated online site (experience and e-commerce) and is doing so with the best possible partner: YOOX Group. The dominant features of the new are its cross-cutting nature and its usability conceived specifically for design fans and sector specialists. The company’s values are presented in a highly visual, emotional and experiential way, edited and produced by YOOX Group.

At the age of 65, Kartell has become an international brand, present in over 130 countries with a network of 130 mono-brand stores, 1 000 corner shops, 250 shops in shop and 2 000 retailers. It is a one-of-a-kind company in the design sector because it defines itself beyond a specific and limited sector: it is a lifestyle brand that, in addition to focussing heavily on research, design, innovation and functionality, also targets the glamour of its products. Renowned as the undisputed market leader for the production of plastic furnishings and accessories, Kartell has transformed plastic, making it a precious, noble and sophisticated material, “exploring” it in its every possible aesthetic, functional and performance facet. The catalogue includes over 150 product lines signed by the world’s most avant-garde designers. The available product categories range from furnishing accessories to decorations, to lights, fashion accessories and even a complete design for the bathroom and the table. The strategy behind Kartell’s strong growth in recent years is to create a unique concept with a strong identity and transversality that allows the brand and its products to be sold via all sales channels: retail (with the choice of mono-brand or luxury department stores), contract, and on line.

Introducing a transversal and integrated experience of the Kartell World
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With the launch of, the company has decided to develop its strategy using the on-line channel to complement its traditional distribution, backed by the extension of the range of products offered which are ideal for online sales.

To celebrate the launch of, visitors will be able in an exclusive premiere a selection of iconic products from the Precious Kartell collection, recently presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan: Componibili, Bourgie, Jelly, Dune, Stone, Bloom hanging lamps, and Taj Mini in new, exclusive and glossy gold, bronze, chrome and copper metal finishes.

Introducing a transversal and integrated experience of the Kartell World

Kartell CEO Claudio Luti explains: “Today, we’re proud to present our new site that aims to be a transversal experience of our brand, an open and up-to-date window on our company, constantly active and continually growing. In addition to presenting the brand and our products in a totally original and complete way, also gives visitors from across Europe an opportunity to purchase our products on line. Indeed, a company like Kartell couldn’t ignore the on-line world in its sales strategy, with its strong multi-channel focus. On-line sales will complement traditional distribution channels: far from replacing them, they’ll offer our customers an additional opportunity. We chose to undertake this new adventure, choosing YOOX Group as our strategic partner. Thanks to its know-how, its structure, the logistics it can guarantee and its strong customer care culture, I’m confident that this business will grow for Kartell, in Italy and abroad”. is “Powered by YOOX Group”, the global Internet retail partner for major fashion & design brands. YOOX Group offers Kartell a complete solution that includes the design and development of the creative concept, the flexible technological platform, a highly innovative design interface, global logistics, premium customer care, international web marketing and its many years of experience in Internet retail.

Introducing a transversal and integrated experience of the Kartell World
Kartell CEO Claudio Luti (left) with YOOX chief and founder Federico Marchetti


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