Marie Khouri Design prodotti

Marie Khouri is a French sculptor, and the designer of the PL Series of planters. Originally created as a centerpiece concept in concrete for a garden installation, the concept has evolved into a functional and decorative industrial product.
The sculpting process, that always begins with a lump of clay in the palm of her hands, produces the free flowing curves that take shape as each planter is turned degree by degree to achieve a unique and distinctive design.
From the clay maquettes, the full sized vessels were meticulously sculpted by Marie before going into commercial production.
The hand sculpted curves and lines that exist within these planters is what ultimately differentiates them and creates the underlying artistic quality.
The Planters are Marie's first creation intended for non serial production. It is a comprehensive collection of five large hand made sculptural vessels engineered for interior as well as exterior uses, while still conveying a definite sense of atelier work.
Despite a strong stylistic correspondence between them all, these five vessels take greatly varying sizes and proportions. This variety was intended to better accommodate spaces of different nature, from the smallest balconies to the grandest hotel lobbies.
The Planters are available in polyethylene (LLDPE). Achieved by rotational molding, these light products then undergo a specialized and laborious finishing process that results in perfectly smooth and custom colored surfaces, ideal for contemporary interiors.


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