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Zieta Prozessdesign is a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers and technologists. We cooperate with psychologists, biologists, scientists and many others specialists in order to create the most innovative solutions. These solutions are FiDU and 3+ technologies of stabilising metal sheets.
As process designers we not only aspire to design fabulous forms. our aim is to create innovative solutions which generate endless possibilities for development and usage. We design processes that are inspiring and lead us to unpredictable results and forms. Through out design process we want to reach the best possible synergy between technology and design. Thanks to this that we are also a manufacturer we can bring the whole process to perfection and all projects are produces in EU. By changing and deforming sheet-metal into structural elements, we discover a whole new world of ultra-light, stable and durable construction. We fully utilise its potential and qualities of the material with our process of ‘controlled loss of control’. We design a net of points which define the final form, but the space in-between is defined by the material itself creating the bionic, unique and one-of-a-kind form of our objects. Sheet-metal is not just steel, but also ultra-light aluminium or copper which we use for our limited edition collection. FiDU Technology
FiDU is an innovative method of changing bits to atoms. Today’s world is overflowing with unnecessary and intrusive data. We puts emphasis in its production processes not just on using less material, but also less data.
Zieta Prozessdesign uses precise robots and organised tools to create an effective and sustainable production process. Thanks to the programmed process and excellent understanding of the material, sheet-metal, the designer can pass on some of their competencies. With FiDU technology designers can only control key joining points of the geometry, while surfaces ..


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