steve & james famiglie

Meet Steve and James. They are the duo behind Steve&James. But just who are these guys?
Steve Pellow has over 20 years working in all areas of metal fabrication – from fasteners to electric components, and of course, furniture. His continued success in these varied endeavors can be credited to his uncompromising standards on quality, hard work, along with an easy-going disposition.
James Casey has been designing products for residential and contract markets for more than 8 years. With dozens of products currently in production for a variety of companies, James understands how to translate a beautiful shape into commercial success.
Over several years Steve and James would meet for drinks, trading production stories and the occasional bad joke. With a great mutual respect for one another they realized that their individual skills complemented each other very well. In short: James could design things and Steve could get them made. It was time to start a new company, and Steve&James was born.
Today, Steve&James is more than the founding partners. An enthusiastic and dedicated team supports the prototyping, manufacturing and quality assurance that goes into the develpment of each new design, and as a result, many collections are named after them.
We hope you fall in love with each piece that has been brought to life by the Steve&James family.


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