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INALCO is a supplier of ceramic tiles and services for the construction industry, architecture and interior design sectors. Differentiation lies at the core of the company’s development, which is strategically centered on design and innovation in its processes, products and services. INALCO specialises in the design and production of designer ceramic tile series with large formats, reliefs and fine thickness. In 2009, INALCO presented its SLIMMKER porcelain tile range, a number of super-slim tiles series decorated with IPLUS Digital Technology and a thickness of only 5,7 mm. Now SLIMMKER series are available in formats from 150x300 cm to 50x100 cm. SLIMMKER tiles are easy to lay, and create unique and highly original settings. In 2012, Inalco presented for the first time ever SLIMMKER in format 100x300 cm with reliefs, format expanded up to 150x300 cm with reliefs in 2013. The most innovative production techniques result in a combination of large formats, the fine thickness of SLIMMKER porcelain tiles, and textures that transmit unrepeatable sensations and surfaces in 150x300 cm. SLIMMKER is the World´s most eco-friendly and sustainable porcelain tile ever produced, thanks to its numerous features, naming just a few: energy savings and use of more than 50% of recycled materials during the production process, less CO2 emissions and waste from production, a reduction in the amount of fuel needed for manufacturing and transport, plus less packaging and ink. The principal characteristics of SLIMMKER include:
Total lightness: The ultra-lightweight Slimmker breaks the technical bounds, multiplying its uses in all types of spaces and under any conditions.
Limitless hardness and resistance: Strength and durability and the capacity to withstand the elements and the passing of time are no longer an insurmountable hurdle but a new and valuable ally.
Decorative limits no longer exist. IPLUS Digital Technology: Slimmker is designed using IPLUS ..


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