Hirt Metallbau famiglie

In the constant pursuit of perfection, we refine existing designs and develop new ones. Our ongoing challenge and ambition is to bundle technical ingenuity and architectural appeal. With latest-generation structural metalwork, we translate your vision into a breathtaking asset for your property.
For us, every project is unique. Our solutions are customized to your expectations. The impression is lasting. VERTICAL SASH
Apart from the ultimate in convenience, we also want to assure fail-safe operation. Our vertical sash windows integrate a proprietary restraint feature. The moving sash can be opened and closed manually or operated with an optional electromechanical drive. This superb product opens new perspectives in visibility.
Our space-saving, technically proven solutions let you discover the convenience and flexibility of "disappearing" windows. DESCENDER FRONT
Ultra-modern structural glass technology with superb thermal insulation.
Our dramatic descender fronts create totally new dimensions that are not achievable in any other way. They redefine the concept of openness. We are eager to discuss your project. You imagine it, and we will implement it successfully.
With pushbutton ease, the entire glass façade descends into a sub-floor service bay. METAL & GLASS
The consensus between sophisticated design and unusual technologies can embrace different materials in a radiant symbiosis. Our focus is always on quality, functionality, and durability with no compromise.
Your heart dreams it and our hands turn it into reality.


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