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is an idea by designer Stephan Boltz and was founded in 2006. Since 2008 he and his cofounder at the time Valentin Hartmann manage the business together. The company is based in Cologne and has an international distribution network with trading partners in Germany, Europe, Israel, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the USA. The models are also available in the Lufthansa WorldShop. Fasten Seat Belts – bordbar continues on its road to success.
“What makes our product exceptional in the first place is that you can buy it at all” says bordbar managing director Stephan Boltz. The Cologne based company started on its road to success with an ambitious idea in 2006: Process used airplane trolleys and transform them into high quality designer objects for private use. The idea was totally revolutionary, emphasize the inventors and bordbar partners Stephan Boltz and Valentin Hartmann.
It was difficult at first to purchase used trolleys from all over the world but bordbar was able to continually expand its sources of supply. Since 2008 new trolleys are specifically manufactured for bordbar. The only difference between the brand-new pieces of furniture (silver edition) and the used ones (flight edition) is the fact that they haven’t been up in the air. Although they would be more than suitable for that purpose too, say the founders and managing directors of bordbar. “
The new models meet the requirements of a “real” airplane trolley in every respect.” The simply don’t have the typical traces of usage found on other bordbar products. “Some customers prefer to possess a real, seasoned globetrotter whereas others opt for a brand-new product without any dents” explains Valentin Hartmann. In that respect every customer gets their money’s worth at bordbar.
Multifunctional, beautiful and practical
Exceptional pieces of furniture for varied applications: bordbar trolleys are available in a variety of ..


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