Bologna , 28.09.2015 - 02.10.2015

Cersaie 2014, the link between humans and ceramics

The 2014 edition of the most important exhibition for the ceramic and bathroom furnishing sector is getting into gear with the choice of a new poster image

“A melding of completely different materials unleashes the energy needed to create forms and projects of any kind. This concept is summed up perfectly in the image of two hands clasping. Bodies that come together, just as the texture and material of ceramic merges with human skin. The growth and evolution of human beings reflects the development of ceramic, an age-old material that is nonetheless capable of modelling itself into increasingly contemporary and modern forms. The use of bright colours in the image draws the observer’s gaze immediately to the hands, which stand out from the white background for their texture.”

This is the concept behind the poster image for the 2014 edition of Cersaie, the world’s most important exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings. It was created by Valentina Algeri, a student at the Scuola Civica “Arte & Messaggio” in Milan who won the fourth edition of the competition entitled Beautiful Ideas.

Promoted by Confindustria Ceramica and Edi.Cer, the contest invites students attending Italian university faculties and design institutes to create the image for the following year’s edition of the show. The theme of this fourth edition of the competition was “Ceramic Relationships”. From almost 100 projects submitted by 79 students from twelve design schools across Italy, the jury members Michele De Lucchi, Beppe Finessi, Franco Origoni and Lia Piano chose Valentina Algeri from the Scuola Civica “Arte & Messaggio” in Milan as this year’s winner.

The figures for Cersaie 2013 confirmed the show’s status as the leading international event in the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings sectors. It attracted more than 100,000 visitors last year, which based on international trade fair standards includes the first return visit on days subsequent to the first admission. The show’s growing global reach is also reflected in the numbers of international visitors, who totalled 46,535 (4.2% more than the previous year).

The 32nd Cersaie, to be held in Bologna from Monday 22 to Friday 26 September, will be An important event for professionals from all over the world in search of the latest trends in interior design. It will be of special interest to architects, interior designers, tile fixers and construction firms, as well as homeowners about to undertake home renovation projects.