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Since 1935, Troldtekt A/S has produced cement-bonded wood wool panels in Troldhede in western Denmark. The panels are made from 100% natural materials; wood from Danish forests and cement produced by Aalborg Portland, Denmark.
The structure of Troldtekt panels provides a basis for excellent sound absorption, and using Troldtekt ceilings will, therefore, reduce noise and provide optimal room acoustics. The product properties are: good acoustics, efficient fireproofing, healthy indoor climate, simple installation, and high durability.
Architecturally, the characteristic structure of Troldtekt panels also lends new opportunities for contrasting the smooth materials used in the building project. Troldtekt is available in a high number of combinations that vary according to surface structure, edge, installation system, color, dimension and thickness.
Troldtekt has achieved a PEFC-certification, which ensures that the wood used for the production of Troldtekt, can be traced back to sustainable forestry. Additionally, Troldtekt panels are certified according to the best indoor climate categories by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, meaning that Troldtekt panels do not contain harmful materials or potential allergenics. In 2010, Troldtekt was awarded the Danish Building Industry Environment Award in recognition of the company’s focus on environment during the entire product life cycle.
Troldtekt A/S was founded in 1855 in Aarhus as a family business by the name of A/S L. Hammerich & Co. (later L. Hammerich A/S). Today, the company is one of the oldest contemporary public limited companies in Denmark.
In 1935, Troldtekt took a step forward and expanded its business from being distributor of building materials to being a producer. The main product was Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels made from natural materials, produced in the small town, Troldhede, in western Jutland.
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