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Achieving beauty and functionality in the home as well as public spaces
– this is the philosophy of tacchini.
A vision expressed across our collections which do not simply follow trends or fashion but instead hold qualities which are timeless; sensitive towards the forms of nature, loving of simplicity and harmony, aware of the cultural background of the project and high in quality of the materials used and the needs and requirements of all involved.
Tacchini was founded in the 60s by Antonio Tacchini and from the 1990s the company built upon its solid foundations of production experience evolving into the field of design with the arrival into the company of Giusi and Maurizio Tacchini which would become a mark of the company’s continuity and innovation in the future.
The Tacchini site was designed by architect Roberto Grossi and is situated in a green belt area of Brianza between Milan and Como. It reflects in a tangible way the company mission- “giving space to ideas and quality to space”. It is a dynamic space full of light – stimulating and versatile, sensual and functional; an ideal space for creativity, development and the day to day administration and production of Tacchini.
The Tacchini collection comprises five main product types: sofas, armchairs, chaise longs, chairs and footstools, tables and coffee tables – all of which are born of a collaboration between the company and various international design talents. Starting from the fundamental contribution of Pietro Arosio who has created some of the most successful products in the tacchini collection to Lievore Altherr Molina, Monica Forster, Christophe Pillet, Pearson Lloyd, Claesson Koivisto Rune,Vicente Garcia Jimenez, Roberto Grossi; all strong personalities from the most diverse backgrounds of experience and culture within Europe and the field of industrial design.
The quality of Tacchini products starts at design stage and follows through ..


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