Ritzwell collezioni

Core Value
Ritzwel is Japanese manufacturer founded in1992, producing and distributing home and contract sector furniture.
All product designs by Ritzwell are created through collaboration between designers with rich experience from numerous projects and the founder of the company, Toshiaki Miyamoto, as producer.
From two viewpoints of practicality and aesthetic, design ideas are reviewed multiple times, their redundancy trimmed, and put into shape as furniture. This product design process creates Furniture with Memories: Ritzwell's unique core value. In Furniture with Memories, the shape and attachments are carved into furniture through use, in the form of litheness of leather, familiar wrinkles, and beautiful shades.
Mission Statement
The value of Ritzwell’s furniture is not only its functional roles as a tool in private or public space in various countries and regions. It is also the quality that makes the sense of comfort, i.e. a resonance of sensation, available for interaction and enjoyment, as is a calm and well-balanced art piece.
This does not require furniture to become art. With a different idea from mass production, Ritzwell’s furniture responds to users’ ever-changing scenes of life through support by the unsurpassed technologies that respect the free imagination of the creators and put them into shape.
In the meantime, Ritzwell promises furniture with essence of the time when tastefulness was respected: furniture that will always be connected with people by deep attachment. Comfort and the design of its outstanding presence is the goal of Ritzwell’s pursuit.


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