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Dd is a young brand on the design furniture market , with a strong growth and endorsed by a powerful industrial holding. In 2001 Grupo Resol initiated this ambitious project, and today it stands out as the only manufacturer in the national sector which includes in a proper process: Creativity, development and production of design furniture in injected plastic.
This is our strength and makes efficiency of resources and costs possible,  and as the result we can offer design products at obtainable prices. Our leitmotiv defines this philosophy: " Design at everyday prices ".
Dd is born with the will to create a space where creativity flows with full spontaneity. It allows the designers to express themselves with all the  freedom to present to the world useful, practical and beautiful avant-garde objects.
Designers like Josep Lluscà, Joan Gaspar, Lluís Codina and Flavio Ciciliani transmit a variety of messages, contributing to Dd’s refreshing creativity, by respecting the rigor of experienced creators.
Dd  commits to design by creating a difference and thus the key of competitiveness. This concern leads it to participate and promoting different actions turning around this subject . Among this activities is its membership to RED, affiliation of Spanish companies of Design, integrated by recognized companies of the sector.


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