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Quality, innovation and collaboration.
Since 1968, Parklex has provided architects, decorators, master builders and builders with a wide range of solutions with their products manufactured from natural wood for use in facings, flooring and ceilings. Parklex is a dynamic company on the cutting edge, with a professional team focused on the needs of their clients.
Since Parklex is a product that can be used in both interiors and exteriors, it is subjected to constant wear from sunlight, humidity and abrasion in traffic areas. This is why a large part of the effort and investment in the area of R&D is spent on guaranteeing the durability and material stability of Parklex facings.
The materials used consist of resins, fibers and natural wood laminates, the product of the most advanced technology and combined with cutting-edge innovation, in accordance with current architectural trends.
The result of its history of collaborating with architects, master builders and designers, Parklex today has earned the trust of nationally and internationally renowned architects who use Parklex in their most emblematic works. History
Maderas Gurea, S.A. is founded.
Company changes its name to Composites Gurea, S.A.
Beginning of the Parklex development (wood application for construction).
First Parklex project as a floating floor.
First use of Parklex as a façade facing.
Inauguration of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, with 4,000 m2 of floating floors.
Inauguration of the new installations.
AENOR certification, according to UNE EN ISO 9002.
Certification according to EN 438.
Environmentally responsible production.
Aware of the importance of caring for the environment through responsible, sustainable production, Parklex has ..


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