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Since 1998 Louis Poulsen UK Ltd. has been responsible for the sales and marketing of all the companies lighting programme for both the UK and Eire. In addition to selling Louis Poulsen products, the UK company is also the manufacturing base for the Accent lighting product range which includes buried uplights and exterior spot lights. Based in Surrey the company offers a professional team of sales consultants who give technical, design and commercial advice to Architects, Engineers and Lighting designers nationwide. Special lighting projects are completed together with our custom design department, where products can be conceived in close co-operation with specifiers to give the optimum lighting solution. A comprehensive range of technical literature showing application photographs, product details and performance data is available. History 1874
Ludvig R. Poulsen sets up a wine importing business under the name Kjøbenhavns direkte Vin-Import-Kompagni (The Copenhagen Direct Wine Import Company). The firm closes down in 1878. 1891
Denmark's first electric power station opens in Odense. 1892
Denmark's second power station opens in central Copenhagen, and Ludvig R. Poulsen opens his second business, this time selling tools and electrical supplies. 1896
Ludvig R. Poulsen hires his nephew, Louis Poulsen. 1906
Ludvig R. Poulsen dies. His nephew Louis takes over the business and, two years later, moves it to Nyhavn 11, which is still the domicile of the company's headoffice today. 1911
Sophus Kaastrup-Olsen becomes a partner in the firm, whose name is changed to Louis Poulsen & Co.
Louis Poulsen & Co. publishes its first catalogue - featuring machines and tools.
Sophus Kaastrup-Olsen buys Louis Poulsen's share in the firm for 10,000 Danish kroner and becomes the sole owner of Louis Poulsen & Co (Louis Poulsen).
The industrial and agricultural sectors are utilising electricity to an ..


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