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Label is a Dutch, family owned, design furniture manufacturer. The company was founded in 1991 by its designer Gerard van den Berg. In its 20 year history the company evolved from a small, national oriented business to a large worldwide operating company.
In its own factory, based in Breda, The Netherlands, Label produces design armchairs, sofas and dining chairs of distinct and original design. The products are characterized by their pure and honest non-nonsense design and natural character. The furniture is furthermore defined by craftsmanship and authenticity. The statement of Gerard van den Berg about the Label products is that they should always provide very comfortable seating. Label specializes in processing leather upholstery and therefore developed its own unique leather collection in close cooperation with Dutch tanneries. Other natural materials such as oak wood and fabrics enhance the furniture’s natural character.
All pieces of furniture can be ordered in a wide range of leather types and colours and mostly in fabric as well. Furniture is consequently produced on demand, but due to modern company logistics and purchase policy, lead times are very short. By placing sales department and factory under the same roof, Label is able to react fast and efficient to short-term requests. The quality of Label’s products can be monitored closely, since suppliers are usually found in the company’s neighbourhood. In its factory, Label employs specialized personnel, craftsmen with usually a long history at the company.
Buying a piece of furniture of Label brings an authentic, pure and honest product into your house, which lives with you for many years. In close cooperation with local tanneries LABEL developed its own unique collection of leathers. Each type of leather has its own individual features, but all of them have an open character and a natural look.
These so-called “open” or “aniline” leathers display the ..


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