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Ersa, which occupies a respectable and renowned important place among the office furniture manufacturers of Turkey based on its reliability along with quality continues its 1958 originating manufacturing activities at 3 different modern plants with a total area of 59.000 m2.
It introduces office equipment that satisfies differing tastes and needs among its portfolio of different wooden, metal and seating goods and products. It pursues project based jobs besides standard and serial jobs like the decorations of Hotels, Kitchens, Banks, hospitals and dormitories. It has a capacity to work on 4.500.000 m2 panel works, 500.000 meters of postforming laminated panel and 530.000 pieces of furniture in one shift. Besides all these qualities, the brand name , considering the human aspect and human efforts always an important one in design issues, receives demand in EU countries like France, Belgium and Germany and in the USA, Northern and Mid African countries along with the Middle East..
In the process of developing its products, it receives assistance and cooperates with foreign designers along with local ones.
It continues to practice the ISO 9001-2008 quality standards& specifications administrative system, the environmentally friendly ISO 14001-2004 environmental management system and the system of OHSAS 18001-2007 that is dedicated to keeping the employees in a healthy and safe environment.
The foremost characteristics of Ersa may be summarized as; not abstaining from costs, a humble attitude, respect for family ties and values of an establishment along with a modern outlook.The company, which focuses on customer satisfaction with its young and experienced staff, views ech of its employees as part of the family while serving the clients with an honest and timely attitude without compromising the quality..
Ersa, which continuously rises its quality ..


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