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Belgian top quality
Durlet is widely recognised as a benchmark for quality. Ever since this family company was set up in 1966, Durlet has enjoyed an excellent reputation for designing and producing durable seating. Only the highest quality fabrics and leathers selected from the best tanneries in Europe are processed with care and an eye for detail in Durlet’s workshops in Izegem, Belgium.
Quality may not always be visible, but with Durlet products you know that it’s there. Every single piece and every tiny detail of a Durlet is designed by this high quality: not just the leather or the fabric, but also the different components such as the frame, the springs, the cushions, the stitching and the thread; everything right down to the chair legs is selected or manufactured with the greatest care. It is the sum of all these different high quality elements that guarantees top class chairs and sofas with the ultimate nish.
Craftsmanship and technology
Craftsmanship and modern technology are equal partners in the manufacturing process of Durlet. The result is unparalleled quality and exibility. When you buy a Durlet from the standard range you have an opportunity to express yourself. Different options exist enabling you to personalise your chair or sofa according to your needs or whims. With most models you can select the leather or fabric, stitching, chair legs, back height, seat depth, etc. of your choice. So that you can create your very own personalised Durlet.
Timeless design and comfort
It is not just quality that defines a piece of Durlet furniture; it is also the design. And design is not just a fashion instrument for Durlet, but a mainspring, a corporate philosophy, a management tool. Durlet’s uncompromising quest for sophisticated design throughout the years has created a powerful and unique identity.
All Durlets are contemporary, innovative and timeless. And without frills, because Durlets are ..


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