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Muebles de Cocina Doca, was born with the agreement between two friends in 1980. Jose Luis Castells and Daniel Dolz created a small kitchen furniture business in Vinaròs, Castellón. This was the foundation stone which led to the formation of the prestige brand, Doca. Doca, today is a leading kitchen brand at the high end of the Spanish and International market. Since November 2006, and with an investment of more than 20 million Euros, Doca now has a superb new factory. The factory has an area of 20,000 m2 and operates with the most modern, precision engineered, machinery available. In this way Doca is able respond to its environmental responsibilities at every level of production.
Doca kitchen furniture combines industrial manufacturing and hand finishing by expert craftsmen. It offers a very wide range of different materials, textures and colors that continue to seduce clients sensitive to the many possibilities that Doca offers. Each kitchen is individual and customized to the client’s particular desires. After thirty years of experience and with a strong foothold in the Spanish market, in 2006 Doca decided to expand into foreign markets, exporting to Portugal, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and most recently the United Kigdom.
In Doca’s catalogues, the kitchens are reaffirmed in a clear trend, with innovative and practical solutions, with a zeal to detail and finish, reflecting the sensitivity of its designers. Finishes include walnut, chestnut and oak and exotic woods such as natural ebony, combined with steel or aluminum, and matt or polished glass. Included also are laminates, veneers and lacquers in their 4 different finishes of silk, gloss, gum or matt. All these form the wide range of suitable materials designed to make furniture for high durability and timeless design. In fact over 250 finishes are available to customers with which to create unique spaces, each one individually designed for Doca’s clients.


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