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DELIGHTFULL’s lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, and strong emotions are presented in each detail. Working with our own hands we transfer our passion and devotion in everything we made and thus our masterpieces born.
«A secret is only fascinating if it can be shared through a flow of words that are capable of shaping something that is nothing but only a feeling. sometimes it feels like a paradox, as the bigger the secret is, the louder you feel like revealing it, so that all may share the rare pleasure of grasping something that is unique and almost untouchable.»
Share soul and heritage with the world - a DELIGHTFULL world.
DELIGHTFULL | UNIQUE LAMPS - is all about mid-century modern lighting creations.
A unique design for a vintage or contemporary home interior. Handmade floor, suspension, table and wall lamps are gently handmade by devoted artisans who pulse the handmade art in their veins.
DELIGHTFULL’s world is about ambiance, history, moments that stay forever through lighting designs created by our artisans with wisdom and passion for craftsmanship.
It is a know-how culture combining the past Heritage of handwork with attention to emerging needs of e nearly sustainable future.
Each DELIGHTFULL piece shows our intense passion for lighting design and vintage classics.
Each DELIGHTFULL piece has a Heritage of manual wisdom frequently forgotten with massive production.
Each piece has a special place and identity, that’s what makes it unique.
A present value appealing to soft, relaxing and thoughtful senses.
Design with personality presented in a soft and sophisticated way. Lighting pieces with soul.


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