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Progress begins in your mind. At XAL, we have always been convinced that the only limits to reality are those set by our own imagination. That is exactly why we have come so far, in geographical, organisational and technological terms. The most recent expansion of our global network took place in 2011 when the Belgian brand Wever & Ducré became part of the XAL Group. A valuable addition in many ways: Located in the Belgian town of Roeselare, one of Europe’s strongholds of lighting design, with highly developed production capacities and well-established distribution channels, Wever & Ducré – like XAL – has always been a supplier of high-quality architectural lighting solutions and exceptional design.
This shared philosophy lays the foundation for impressive synergies, which are, for instance, being realised in Wever & Ducré’s new product lines, which benefit decisively from XAL’s LED expertise. Similar synergies are being achieved throughout the entire range of production and procurement logistics, in cooperation with external designers and in the expansion of customer care and account management to even more countries by our employees and partners in those regions. At the same time, during this intensified internationalisation we are taking care not to just be present but to rather feel at home around the world – in order to become the partner of first-choice, meeting the justified expectations for high-quality lighting concepts, state-of-the art technologies and services as well as tailored solutions which fulfil individual requirements.
XAL has been consistently applying LED technology, a topic no one concerned with sustainable lighting solutions can ignore. Under the slogan “SEE THE LIGHT” we will show you new possibilities in architectural lighting and lighting design in a very unusual setting at the XAL booth. Wever & Ducré will focus on rediscovering proven methods of the past alongside new inspirations from the rich history of design and development. The result is a combination of efficiency and aesthetics that we warmly invite you to discover.

XAL is producing luminaires and lighting systems for shop, office, hotel and living space lighting. Around 900 employees work at sixteen sites in seven countries in development, production and marketing. The headquarters of the company is located in Graz, Austria. Here, the company was founded by Andreas and Claudia Hierzer in 1989. The most important subsidiaries are located in Munich, Zurich, London, and New York. The respective managing directors are Andreas Hierzer, Michael Engel, Harald Dirnberger, and Christian Schraml.

Mission Statement
It is our objective to develop lighting solutions, which are extraordinary in terms of technology and design. For that, research and development are just as important as first-class know-how in production and logistics. These competences enable us to respond very flexibly to our customers’ requirements and also realise specially tailored solutions in an extremely short time.

We as a company see ourselves as part of a larger whole, which we are committed to. We believe that education and training are substantial for the success of a company and the social cohesion, and for many years we have been training an extraordinarily high number of apprentices in many skilled trades, who after completion of their apprenticeship almost all continue to work for the company. We support social facilities, so that they are able to render their valuable work. We also attach particular importance to environmental and climate protection: we produce where the majority of our customers are – in Europe and the USA. And thus avoid having to transport goods from lowwage countries several times around half the world to the customer. And for investments we decide for environmentally friendly alternatives: our parent plant in Graz, for example, is predominantly heated with zero-emission geothermal energy. We are likewise pleased, that for research and development the energy efficiency of a lighting system ranks first already – and the environment surely likes that, too.

Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36, 8055 Graz, Austria
Marketing subsidiaries and branch offices worldwide: www.xal.com/locations


export share of 70%
sales and distribution in 50 countries

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Designer: Kai Stania 13&9 Design
Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36
8055, Graz
Phone: +43 316 3170 300
Fax: +43 316 3170 9380
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