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It is people with vision who breathe life into a company and make its products come alive. Their personal touch, distinctive style and, above all, quality make it all possible. At Wilde + Spieth, this has been the goal and the result of our product design and product development for decades.

The W+S Classic Collection continues to inspire its fans today just as it did years ago. While it conforms to modern requirements, it has not lost any of its original personality.Its many different products, accessories, frame and material colors, types of wood, and stain colors help you to design your own classic.Even when it comes to orchestra equipment, WILDE+SPIETH has been the professional for ergonomic comfort and functionality for 50 years.

With your health in mind, we develop and manufacture musician chairs, music stands and accessories that have many different adjustment options to optimally fit your body type.
Wilde + Spieth Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract

Company founded in Esslingen as SPIETH - a carpenterís workshop.


Founded as a seating furniture manufacturer in Esslingen. Egon Eiermann begins relationship with W+S. This relationship proved to be so agreeable and pioneering for both partners that from 1948 until Eiermann's death in 1970, there were over 30 different jointly-developed models manufactured.

Construction of new manufacturing facility in Esslingen industrial area.

Rudolf and Ulrich Spieth take over management.

WILDE+SPIETH focuses everything on seating. Production: Classic Collection, orchestra, swivel chairs

Expansion and improvement of manufacturing facility in Esslingen industrial area

Rudolf Spieth and Thomas Gerber take over management.

New foundation as Wilde+Spieth Designmöbel GmbH & Co. KG with Thomas Gerber as managing director.

Gruppo prodotti: Sedute Tavoli Sedie ufficio Conferenza / Riunione Lounge / Aree d'attesa Sedute Mobili multifunzionali Ristorazione Teatro / Cinema Mobili per università Mobili per scuola Sedute da giardino
Designer: Edelhoff & Nettesheim Egon Eiermann Avinash Shende
Wilde + Spieth
Roentgenstrasse 1-1
73730, Esslingen
Phone: +49 711 351 30 3-0
Fax: +49 711 351 30 3-11
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