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Passion as a force for creation
Having a passion for architecture, design and modern art, from 1985, I have sought out young designers and architects to collaborate in designing products and a visual identity for the BEA family business.
In 1987, I founded my own company “VANGE DESIGN”. Working With a highly skilled team, I developed a more varied client base and expanded the offer of our services.
On the threshold of the 21st century, I perceived the creativity explosion in the habitat domain.I became very enthusiastic about this orientation, which encouraged me to steer the activities of VANGE in the direction of the contemporary furniture market.
Thus, 2003 has been a decisive year for us with the launch of the furniture venture and the official creation of the VANGE trademark.
I am delighted to experience once again the keen pleasures of my early professional life through the contact with young talented designers, recently presented to the general public.
I wish you the joy of discovering their creations …
Michel Van Genechten

The concept of VANGE
VANGE has made the following observation: the industrial production of furniture allows but a small place for creativity and experimentation.
The phases leading from the idea to the mass production of an item of furniture are long and costly.
Consequently, experimentation is practised in certain design environments at the level of the craftsman, or it stays as the personal activity of an individual designer.
The VANGE project aims to overcome this hurdle and create a terrain that favours the experimental approach in creating furniture.
Designers, artists and architects are offered the opportunity to create new objects, while actively being involved in its manufacturing and marketing process.
Thanks to VANGE's experience and expertise in implementation and its distribution capability, new concepts can very quickly see the light of day.
"Permanent creation" is the credo of the enterprise.
Young furniture designers are called upon to present the whole art of living in a varied collection of complementary furniture, decorative items and lighting fixtures.
The goal is to position VANGE as a benchmark brand, supported by an international distribution network.

The Charter
Each item is a symbol of the designer's original insight.
VANGE develops its products with the help of designers and entrusts their manufacture to industrial partners who have the expertise to control the entire production process.
The distribution organised by VANGE satisfies the same quality demands, at both the design level and the level of services provided to the customer.
The very nature of the "furniture" product imposes continuous questioning.
The response provided by VANGE is to be found in the special attention the company gives to research and development of new materials and manufacturing processes.
VANGE is prepared to seek out new expertise from external organisations, if this is required by a new product.
Innovation is the company's impetus and quality is its strength.

Zoning Industriel du Haut-Pré rue Guillaume d'Orange
4100, Seraing
Phone: +32 4 337 83 23
Fax: +32 4 337 78 83
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