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string furniture Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract
Nisse Strinning - achitect and designer
There are many reasons why String and String Plex have been popular for over 50 years. One is that they’re so practical. The structure is light weight, yet stable. The side panels are simple to mount and the shelves are easy to move around. You can combine shelves of different depths in the same unit and the frame functions as a book-end. When you need more shelf space, you can simply add more units. String and String Plex are equally suited to a large or small wall.

It’s the framing that gives String its discreet but distinctive character: a refined ladder climbing up the wall. This economical, unpretentious design rapidly became a favourite when it was introduced in 1949.

String Plex is so simple and scaled down that it creates the illusion of free-floating shelves. First conceived in 1953, the qualities which made this minimalist icon so appealing back then are still valid today.

That’s not surprising when you notice how cleverly Nils Strinning combined the inventor’s demand for functionality with the aesthetes feeling for proportion and detail. The result is a timeless combination – at once classical and contemporary.
string furniture Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract
Ad in a Swedish design magazine from 1958
it has been called ’innovative’, ’the world’s most beautiful bookshelf’ and ’a pearl drape for books’. but cell, an entirely swedish product designed by peter cohen, is also a high-tech shelving system, brilliant in its design and use of space.

cell looks incredibly light with its paper-thin shelves and sleek appearance. people tend to ask “what can you put on it” – the answer is that you can fill it with books, as many books you can fit, without any hint of bowing in its thin laminated high strength steel shelves. cell is an open shelving system. starting from a set of basic combinations, a number of configurations and extensions are possible.
string furniture Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract
Peter Cohen - - achitect and designer
cell attracted attention from its inception and has received several awards:
2005 our favorites (as a prototype) – elle interiors
2006 the great design prize – residence
2007 furniture of the year – swedish magazine sköna hem
2008 added to the design collections of the swedish national museum

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Designer: Peter Cohen Björn Dahlström Nisse Strinning Anna von Schewen
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