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With headquarters in Gyeonggi Do near Seoul, Samsung Cheil Industries Inc. is an international concern of Samsung Group, one of the world's largest multigroups. The company history of Samsung begins in the year 1938. However, the actual parent company for this Samsung business area was founded with Cheil Industries in 1954. Today a major global company, Samsung Cheil Industries Inc. has developed into one of the most important manufacturers in the textile, chemical, electronics, shipbuilding and construction industries. With the Staron® brand, the Cheil Group belongs to the leading global manufacturers of mineral materials.

What is Staron®
Manufactured by Samsung Cheil Industries Inc., Staron® is a range of styrene-free, acrylic-based solid sheets and moulded parts with mineral fillers. The solid, homogeneous, non-porous sheet and molded part material is composed of one-third acrylic resin (PMMA) and two-thirds aluminium hydroxide, a natural mineral derived from bauxite. The Staron® manufacturing process is certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9002. ISO 14000 certification has been awarded for environmental management. Samsung Cheil Industries Inc. is the parent company of Samsung Chemical Europe GmbH and is based in Schwalbach am Taunus. Samsung Chemical Europe GmbH is responsible for sales and services by and for Staron® within Europe.

Product line
Samsung produces Staron® sheets in over 140 colours for worldwide use. Adapted to European requirements, Staron® sheets are available in the central warehouse in Rotterdam in over 80 colours. For individual applications in diverse market segments, Samsung itself and in cooperation with qualified Staron® fabricators produces over 100 individual moulded parts. Washbasins, sinks, laboratory and gastronomical sinks, showers and bathtubs are part of this product range.

Areas of application
The diverse, exclusive and high-quality Staron® facilities are the result of the cooperation between efficient industrial production and creative planning in conjunction with quality craftsmanship. Among other places, Staron® is used in hotels, restaurants, for business furnishings, public facilities such as museums, administrative buildings and airports, hospitals and laboratory facilities, wellness centres, ships and mobile home interior finishing, as well as privately used kitchens and baths. Almost no limits are set to the creativity of architects and planners for interior design, furniture construction, and even wall and facade cladding in inside and outside areas.

Samsung has been cooperating with a global network of qualified Staron® fabricators. The specialisation of these companies allows for cost-effective series manufacture, individual single-item manufacture and integrated solutions in the form of furniture and interior work, including turn-key assembly in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our extensive know-how is based on the experience we have gained in manufacturing, planning and processing Staron® over many decades. Samsung gives customers, architects and designers access to this know-how in the scope of cooperative service programmes for current projects and future product developments. This includes individual colour and moulded part development as well as the interface solutions for technical implementation.

Staron® has been successfully applied in individual hotels and restaurants, such as the Hotel Catalonia in Barcelona, and in system gastronomy, such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Individual references also include: the cruise ship Queen Elisabeth, Club Med and Renault in Paris, Hymer mobile home construction, facade designs in Lausanne and hotel designs in Spain, university clinic facilities in Erlangen, Heathrow Airport in London. Additional references are available on request.

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