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Leolux, already 75 years of craftsmanship and authenticity
Leolux is a synonym for distinctive design. High in quality, comfortable and durable. Produced with passion by professionals, combining traditional craftsmanship and high technology. Leolux has built up its collection in three sphere segments, each with a character of its own. Sculptures have an international, distinctive design. The Roots models are modern furniture designed as living furniture. The Silver segment is familiar design with extra high comfort. So even within a multi-faceted collection, you can indeed choose your own style.

The history of Leolux
In 1934, the Zuid-Nederlandse Clubmeubelfabriek (ZNC) is founded, a factory that will be later become famous as Leolux.

In 1948, the brothers Jan and Ton Sanders buy the little factory that builds classic furniture. A few years later, they decide on a more modern line influenced by Danish and Italian design. This modern furniture is given the name of Leolux: the luxury (modern) furniture from the factory with the lion (Leo) in its logo.

The first Design Center
In 1964, Leolux establishes a “showroom” of its own in the heart of the Netherlands. Leolux becomes a household name and a serious player in the modern furniture market.

In 1981, the next generation takes over the helm: Jeroen Sanders and Johan van Beek form the new board of directors. Their course is based on the notions of their predecessors, albeit with an interpretation entirely of their own.

The second generation
Leolux acquires a familiar face: the furniture is striking and distinctive in colour, quality and comfort. Advertisements, photography and trade fair booths stand out from the norm. The company extends its sphere of work and grows strongly based on the know-how and expertise built up.

Technical lead Innovation and functionality are becoming ever more important. Electronics enter the world of furniture design. In 1997, Leolux working together with Philips realises "Plugged Furniture", furniture and audio-visual system in one. In the same period, Leolux presents the first electrically adjustable sofas and armchairs.

New management
Leolux opens its doors to the consumer. The visitors’ center, Via Creandi (the road of creation), has been demonstrating the production process since 2007. Meanwhile, it stays on its characteristic course. Today, too, distinctive shapes and a strong feel for colour are characteristic, as is the urge for innovation. The new management strives again for renewal, whilst maintaining the quality that symbolises Leolux.

Gruppo prodotti: Sedute Relax Tavoli Sedie ufficio Conferenza / Riunione Lounge / Aree d'attesa Sedute Ristorazione
Designer: A Design Studio Jan Armgardt Prof. Norbert Beck Patrick Belli Andreas Berlin Karel Boonzaaijer Jürgen Braun Braun, Maniatis & Kirn Design Natalie Buijs Flemming Busk Roy de Scheemaker Axel Enthoven Daniel Figueroa Cuno Frommherz Stefan Heiliger Stephan B. Hertzog Nicolaus Maniatis Jean-Paul Marsman Pierre Mazairac Minimal Design Arjan Moors Thomas Müller Erik Munnikhof Joachim Nees Hugo de Ruiter Frederik Roijé Frans Schrofer Scooter & Partners Thijs Smeets Kai Stania Stephan Veit Gerard Vollenbrock Christian Werner Jane Worthington Jörg Wulff
Leolux Meubelfabriek BV
Kazernestraat 15
5928, Venlo
Paesi Bassi
Phone: +31 (0)77-3877222
Fax: +31 (0)77-3877288
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