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Lamp, founded more than 35 years ago, faces today's market needs with its high capability to adapt. The flexibility provided by the integration of the design, manufacturing and marketing processes allows the company to provide guidance and technical advice to architects, engineers, designers and lighting designers to find the solution that best adapts to each project.

Lamp is a client-oriented family company that offers its clients personalised attention and complete project dedication, providing services that are comprehensive and innovative and offer the highest degree of aesthetics.

The company's complete commitment to the client and the quality of its products have been the keystones for an extensive worldwide marketing network established in Europe, Asia and America.
Lamp Lighting Arredo urbano Illuminazione decorativa Illuminazione da esterni

LAMP aims for quality and respect for the environment as a strategic factor in their products and services. To represent this company and will strengthen its position, LAMP has developed a new corporate symbol: The Right Light.

The Right Light symbolizes the constant effort that LAMP has done for their products and services, which are always respectful with the environment. LAMP researches and develops solutions for lighting under the themes of sustainability, quality, technology and design without ever losing its competitiveness.
This effort is evidenced by the quality system and environment that is governed by the company which is certified according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001.

The Right Light affects the optimal utilization of light in any proposed lighting to meet specific customer needs, taking into account energy efficiency and sustainability of the facility. LAMP is the perfect partner for projects that preserve the environment.

Gruppo prodotti: Lampade a sospensione Lampade a parete Plafoniere Lampade da incasso a parete Lampade da incasso a soffitto Lampade da incasso a pavimento Lampade spot Lampade LED Sistemi di illuminazione Lampade lineari Lampade a parete Lampade da incasso a parete Lampade a soffitto Lampade da incasso a soffitto Lampade da pavimento Lampade da incasso a pavimento Lampade spot Lampade a LED Illuminazione facciate Illuminazione stradale Illuminazione da giardino Illuminazioni facciate Illuminazione stradale
Designer: Lagranja Josep Novell Josep Puig Mario Ruiz
Cordoba 26
08226, Terrassa, Barcelona
Phone: +34 902 204 010
Fax: +34 937 861 551
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