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Inclass Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract
Our firme
Since its creation, INCLASS has focused its activity on the design, manufacture and marketing of chairs and complements for professional environments with high-level ergonomics, quality and design. Through its strategy for differentiation, quality and design, our firm has consolidated its position as one of the leading enterprises on the Spanish market. As a result of the acceptance of our products, our policy for constant investment and the efforts of our staff, our production capacity has increased. Today, our production facilities cover an area of 10,000 m2, with 5000 m2 of this area indoors. Our firm employs more than 50 highly qualified, specialised workers. Our production capacity has a level of around 150,000 units per year, distributed all over Spain and on international markets. Since its incorporation, INCLASS has shown its enthusiasm for creating contemporary design products that are ergonomically advanced and improve well-being in professional work environments and collective spaces.

The company develops products on the grounds of three premises:

Products created to withstand intensive use.

Timeless, avant-garde design
Products designed for contemporary environments that last over time.

Products developed for the well-being of users.
Inclass Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract
The culture of quality
Quality, design and service have been the base for the company's development since it began. The culture of quality can be seen in all our business processes, design, production before- and after-sales service. In our innovation and development department, as well as external designers, we work in conjunction with the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia and the Technological Furniture Institute (AIDIMA) to design chairs that are ergonomic, safe, healthy and of extremely high quality. All the products presented here have been approved and certified and they have passed the quality, resistance and ergonomics tests laid down in current standards at the laboratories of the Technological Furniture Institute (AIDIMA). The quality of our products is certified with the AIDIMA QUALITY SYMBOL. Since 2005, our quality assurance system has been certified as compliant with the ISO 9001 standard. All the above is completed with the selection of the best raw materials and the specialised craftwork finish applied by our workers.

Innovation and design
Design has been part of our business culture since we began. To create innovative, avant-garde products on both a formal and technological scale, the company has its own research and development department (INCLASS R&D), which works closely with the AIDIMA TECHNOLOGICAL FURNITURE INSTITUTE, the INSTITUTE OF BIOMECHANICS and famous external designers on all the issues related to the design, quality, ergonomics and approval of our products. Our products are developed using sophisticated three-dimensional computer-aided design, as well as modern rapid prototyping technologies. The production process combines the craftwork finish of upholsterers with modern ERP computer software for controlling and monitoring production. These are a few examples of the 360° innovation implemented by the company.

INCLASS ergonomics suit you
The development of new information technologies and computing has multiplied the number of tasks that can be carried out from a seat. Consequently, we spend more and more time sitting down, an activity for which our skeleton and muscles are not specifically designed. It has been calculated that human beings spend 35% of their lives sitting down and that this percentage tends to increase with the development of technology. As support for body, chairs assume greater importance in the prevention of future health problems. A chair must favour movement and the adoption of healthy postures. This reduces physical stress and fatigue, helping to optimise intellectual work and concentration. Ergonomics have a special place in the development work carried out at INCLASS. We design each chair by taking into account the person that is to sit on it, with his anthropomorphic specifications and the requirements for use in accordance with the type of work carried out. In short, INCLASS creates chairs that allow users to work more efficiently, more pleasantly and more at ease.
Inclass Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract

Gruppo prodotti: Sedute Tavoli Sedie ufficio Ufficio direzionale Conferenza / Riunione Aree informali Lounge / Aree d'attesa Sedute Mobili multifunzionali Ristorazione
Designer: Giancarlo Bisaglia Paul Brooks Ramón Esteve Aitor Garcia de Vicuña Jean Louis Iratzoki Florián Moreno Jorge Pensi Francesc Rifé Yonoh Estudio Creativo
Crta. de la Estación s/n Pol. Ind. i-4, Parcela 5 Apdo. 466
03330, Crevillente, Alicante
Phone: +34 965 405 230
Fax: +34 965 406 457
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