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Girsberger Mobili per la casa Mobili per ufficio / contract
Passion for perfection — attention to detail

Girsberger’s creative and technical mastery goes hand in hand with the latest production methods. We work with creativity, passion, and diligence — from the original design to the development of high-quality materials, to installation. Our careful attention to minute detail and an overarching quest for the highest quality delivers an uncommon excellence. Take a close look.

Gruppo prodotti: Sedute Relax Tavoli Mobili contenitori Sedie ufficio Tavoli ufficio Pareti divisorie Ufficio direzionale Conferenza / Riunione Aree informali Lounge / Aree d'attesa Sedute Mobili multifunzionali Ristorazione
Designer: Thierry Aubert Martin Ballendat Paul Brooks Designstudio speziell® Heinrich Girsberger Daniel Leist Wolfgang C. R. Mezger Kurt Müller Andreas Pfister Alexander Rehn Mathias Seiler Dieter Stierli Synergy Product Development Carlos Tiscar Lars Villiger Burkhard Vogtherr Stefan Westmeyer
Girsberger AG
Bernstrasse 78
4922, Bützberg
Phone: +41-(0)62-958 58 58
Fax: +41-(0)62-963 19 37
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