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Diurne stands apart in carpet design
Diurne Rivestimenti di pavimenti / Tappeti
Handcrafted luxury carpets
Our rugs are hand-knotted using hand-spun wools. Over the years we have introduced different compositions of wools: matt or silky, thick or thin. We also work with precious threads such as mohair and silk. The silk can be incorporated pure in some areas, mixed with wool or even combined with wool at the spinning stage. For important projects we have also mastered premium hand-tufting techniques, with different finishings allowing us to play with the materials’ effects. For each carpet we can advise you the appropriate weaving; from simple to precious.
Diurne Rivestimenti di pavimenti / Tappeti
As in other luxury sectors, we are specialised in creating unique, made-to-measure pieces. The craftsmen in our workshops in Nepal and India are highly trained and organised for this purpose. To guide them, we have created a computer graphics designer studio in Paris, producing sophisticated simulations of the rugs we propose to weave for our customers.
Diurne Rivestimenti di pavimenti / Tappeti
Marcel Zelmanovitch, a painter inspired by the matter of beautifully crafted rugs, created D I U R N E to weave his designs. He has designed numerous collections, woven principally in the workshop he founded in Katmandu. Some compositions, such as the “tapis-tableaux” (“rug-paintings’), can be used on the floor or on the wall (“Perroquets”, “Stones”, “Peinture”, “Kimono”, “Grand Fleuve”, “Séries’’). Other creations are simpler and play a discreet but essential role as a link inducing a subtle ambiance (“Différents ciels”, “Aminima”). To complete our contemporary designs, we also provide several collections of classical styles, establishing D I U R N E as a company able to offer a wide range of weaving techniques, materials and designs.

Gruppo prodotti: Tappeti
Designer: Marcel Zelmanovitch
45, Rue Jacob
75006 Paris
Phone: +33-(0)1 42 60 94 11
Fax: +33-(0)1 49 08 02 44
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