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Christian Fischbacher Tessuti arredamento Sistemi per tende
The Christian Fischbacher textile company is nearly two hundred years old and looks back on a rich historical tradition. In 1819, at the age of just 16, Christian Fischbacher who came from Toggenburg in St.Gallen laid the foundation stone of his family business which is now active internationally. He arranged for hand-woven cotton and linen fabrics to be made in the surrounding farm houses and brought them to St Gallen by hand cart for sale on the market. Thanks to entrepreneurial skill and vision, the company has developed into a modern, international textile manufacturing business. The name Christian Fischbacher has become a byword in the branch. Today, the company is being run by Michael Fischbacher in the sixth generation.

Many people all over the world are contributing to the success of the business. A total of 400 employees are working at the St Gallen headquarters and in the eight subsidiary companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. Dedicated and well-trained professionals are responsible for the creation of the collections, production and smooth organization of distribution.

Fabrics tell stories from different worlds. They radiate opulence and simplicity, create a magic mood and leave space for transformations. Feeling fabrics against the skin, listening to the crackling of silk or running your hand over cool linen textiles are all sensual experiences. With their in-house design studios, Christian Fischbacher do justice to the stringent demands of a distinctive creative signature. Here, painting, colouring and styling are still done by hand. The emphasis is still very much on arts and crafts while computers are available for implementation. Nature, art and daily life provide the inspiration for these fascinating creations.
Christian Fischbacher Tessuti arredamento Sistemi per tende
Christian Fischbacher’s furnishing fabrics comprise a broad range of curtains and upholstery fabrics which are typified by high grade material compositions, sophisticated fabric structures and attention to charming details. Eight distribution companies provide world class service to customers all over the world for fast delivery from the warehouse and precise tailoring of curtains.

Christian Fischbacher’s bed linen, made of the finest cotton, linen and silk satisfies also the most extravagant demands on quality and design. Softly flowing printed satins and jerseys are the heart of the collection which is brought to market twice each year. Each separate order is sewn individually and to the customer’s own requirements in the in-house sewing factory in St.Gallen.

“We’re living in a time of great change. What is not changing is our passion for fabrics and our motivation to develop marvellous designs in the finest materials and most innovative techniques. We stand for innovation and creativity”.
Michael Fischbacher, CEO, Christian Fischbacher Co. AG

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Christian Fischbacher
Mövenstrasse 18
9015 St.Gallen-Winkeln
Phone: +41 71 3146666
Fax: +41 71 3146667
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