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German manufacturer of steel/enamel bathing, showering and washing products, BETTE, is renowned for its high quality, design expertise and flexibility for the bathroom designer – including over 1000 sanitary-ware colours.

The company offers an extensive range of design, size and colour options – as well as bespoke products. Its special process and expertise in steel/enamel has enabled it to create products of the highest quality.

The BETTEGLAZE® surface has exceptional light reflecting qualities, is easy to clean, more durable than marble, plastic or iron and is guaranteed for 30 years. It is this enamel surface that allows the company to offer over 1,000 colour options and 22 matt colours, including new white matt.

The steel/enamel products are made in BETTE’s own factory in Germany, using years of expertise, state-of-the-art processes and high-tech robots. Special products and individual solutions for designers are made by hand by experienced teams of specialists. The company developed its own advanced steel moulding process, which ensures a uniform thickness across the product, to ensure stability and a perfect surface for the enamel process.

BETTE uses only steel that is finished with titanium for better formability and stability.

Steel has many advantages over other materials used for bathroom products. Its strength and stability means, for example, that BETTE can produce shower trays in 180cm x 100cm. It also allows much greater precision in the formation of shapes and edges, is 100 per cent recyclable and is a good conductor of heat – so will take on the warmth of the bathroom and will not feel cold.

The exceptional quality of the BETTEGLAZE® enamel is achieved through a special process which allows the company to deliver a perfectly thin layer of enamel to the surface of the products. It is the fineness of the layer that makes it so strong and flexible (think of the strength and flexibility of a fine glass fibre as compared to a thicker glass rod) The enamel and the steel are fired in a kiln to 850 degrees and bond to one, exceptionally strong material – chipping of enamel is a thing of the past.

The BETTEGLAZE® surface is extremely smooth and has wonderful light reflecting qualities. It is extremely resistant to scratches and heat and will not lose its colour, even after years of using and cleaning. It is hygienic and easy to clean with no special care needed, as the enamel surface is extremely robust.
Quality is checked throughout the manufacturing and only flawless steel/enamel products are sent out to customers – all with a 30 year guarantee.

BETTE began manufacturing in 1952 and is now a modern, innovative company that has developed a true specialism in the manufacture of steel/enamel bathroom products of the highest quality and durability. The company, which remains family owned, uses only natural and high grade materials – titanium steel, glass and water - that it crafts into bathroom products using state-

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