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actiu Mobili per ufficio / contract Mobili da giardino / esterni Illuminazione architettonica Complementi / Accessori
Actiu is a company specialised in creating furniture for work spaces. We design, produce, sell and provide advice about office equipment and public spaces, with the aim of creating efficient and comfortable spaces. Tables, chairs, filing and storage systems, screens and accessories, products which facilitate the way in which people and companies interact. With over 40 years experience, Actiu provides solutions for every occasion, having invested in technology and research with the goal of envisioning the future.
Actiu has used its extensive experience as a manufacturer, its ability to assimilate new technologies and heavy investment in new facilities and machinery to achieve an excellent production capacity enriched by the solid industrial tradition of Foia de Castalla, a region which has proved its ability to renew itself, innovate and compete.

For a sustainable future
The Actiu Technology Park, designed by Jose Maria Tomas LLavador, has been based on sustainability and self- sufficient use of natural resources right from the design stage. Rain water is collected from the roofs and stored in cisterns for irrigation and industrial use. Europes largest rooftop photovoltaic plant was installed with state-of- the-art technology and output, which generates 7 million kwh of solar energy, 6 times Actius requirements. There has been large-scale planting of trees, where low-water- consumption native species abound, as well as thousands of small aromatic plants. The buildings are designed to make the most of the natural light, through skylights in the roof and glazed facades.
actiu Mobili per ufficio / contract Mobili da giardino / esterni Illuminazione architettonica Complementi / Accessori
Actiu Technological Park, new ways of working and producing. A project that was born to respond to the manufacturing, logistic and corporate activities of businesses; a unique architectonic project, capable of transforming the scale and substance of the entire corporate philosophy; a philosophy founded on the pillars of sustainability, the promotion of more human working relationships and the pursuit of beauty and effectiveness on a daily basis. It is with this in mind that transparency, light and openness are the recurrent themes running through the Actiu Technological Park ideology.

Total area - 200.000 m
Green Spaces - 130.000 m
3 Production Plants - 40.000 m
Logistics building - 18.000 m
Corporate building - 6.000 m
Internal gardens - 2.000 m

A project capable of being self-sufficient, surrounded by green spaces with state-of-the-art, low-energy-consumption equipment. Simple lines behind which complex architectonic and technological innovations are hidden.

Products which combine technology and quality finishes to respond to the needs of people and businesses.

Light, a starring role
Transparency and intelligent fittings where natural light floods the space.
actiu Mobili per ufficio / contract Mobili da giardino / esterni Illuminazione architettonica Complementi / Accessori
Harnessing water resources
12.000 m3 of underground reservoirs which allow self-sufficient industrial consumption and irrigation by means of rain water collection.

Pure Energy
Europeís largest rooftop photovoltaic installation. 7.000.000 kWh of clean energy each year. Reducing CO2 emissions by 8.250 mT.

The Human Team
Learning, sharing and moving forward. Meeting spaces, sports and childcare areas; a future investment in personal relationships in an environment that contributes to quality of life.
actiu Mobili per ufficio / contract Mobili da giardino / esterni Illuminazione architettonica Complementi / Accessori

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Designer: alegreindustrial™ Sigfrido Bilbao Sylvain Carlet CDN Javier Cuñado ITEM designworks Lledó & Campos Ramos & Bassols Isern Serra
Autovía CV-80, salida Onil-Castalla
03420, Castalla (Alicante)
Phone: +34 966 560 700
Fax: +34 966 560 564
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