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Attractive LED lamps?

Some new prototypes

The light-emitting diode (LED), which we are all familiar with as an electronic signal or in the form of advertising and background lighting, has for some years now been conquering new areas of application. Its tremendous potential for energy savings and innovation is increasingly stimulating the lighting industry and many designers to generate new ideas on ways to make this light source suitable for general lighting purposes.
Attractive LED lamps?

The light emitted by an LED is white and cold, and it is therefore far from being able to match halogen or filament bulbs for warmth. As a result the stylistic form of the lamp itself plays an important role, which means that the continued success of LEDs depends not least on the involvement of the designer. Here we present a number of prototypes which make the integration of LEDs in a domestic environment more conceivable. The designers concerned place the lighting in the context of an LED-specific but at the same time familiar stylistic idiom, skilfully relegating its technical features to the background.

'Lighting Container' by Lim Hyuntaik, Studio Lim, The Netherlands
This slim square lighting is pendent hanging and consists of 500 LED's. It was inspired by childhood memories - as the designer says. He used to catch fireflies and thought he could capture their light - when the light of the lamp goes on it should give you the imagination of this captured light.
Attractive LED lamps?
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'Band of Light' by Fries&Zumbühl, Switzerland
The reduced form contains a play of different angles of view, a fine geometrical line from in front turns into a flat band of light by changing position. Ceramics as material of the socket or in the form of an enamel loop combines the features of the classic ceramic socket of the first electric bulb with present LED technology. Wood as socket or as band gives the lamp organic warmth.
Attractive LED lamps?
to Fries&Zumbühl @ Architonic to Fries&Zumbühl @ Architonic

'Wineglass Rack Light' by Julian King, USA
The rack is made out of solid wood with battery powered LED's. The end piece was milled out of the end of a solid walnut beam, and lock mitered into sides to give the appearence of the shelf being one solid chunk of wood that was hollowed out. It can be supported from the long or short side, with varying number of glasses - with different length 'slots', and shelf sizes, and the LED's can be of various colors. The profile of the wine glass base and its function informs its form, and the crystal glass glows to provide undershelf lighting.
Attractive LED lamps?
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'Vektor Light' by Dirk Winkel, Germany
A powder-coated, steel tube standing light with two swivel points that opens up a three dimensional space like a mathematical vector. Each tube part can be interchanged with different sized or angled parts, giving the freedom extend or change the form of the light in seconds.
Attractive LED lamps?
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'Snowhite' by Alberto Sanchez, Enea Studio, Spain
This floorlamp is a lighting for indoors and outdoors, made out of fiber glass an LED's. To be used alone or in groups to separate spaces. The form is inspired by the falling snow on trees.
Attractive LED lamps?
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