Paris | Da 1973 | Impiegati 200

10, rue Lacuée, 75012 Paris, Francia
Telefono +33 1 43 45 18 00
Fax +33 1 43 43 81 43


Photographer: ©Gaston Bergeret
Martin Robain, Partner
Rodo Tisnado, Partner
Jean-François Bonne, Partner
Alain Bretagnolle, Partner
René-Henri Arnaud, Partner
Laurent-Marc Fischer, Partner
Marc Lehmann, Partner
Roueïda Ayache, Partner
Gaspard Joly, Partner
Marie-Caroline Piot, Partner
Mariano Efron, Partner
Amar Sabeh El Leil, Partner


Around its 12 partners, ARCHITECTURE STUDIO brings together about 200 architects, urban planners, designers, interior designers and economy planners of various nationalities. This collective dimension enhances the group’s dynamic strength.

In our opinion, architecture is primarily a social item. Architecture is the result of dialogue between economical, cultural and social interests which are interacting for each project.

Dialogue also determines the philosophy of ARCHITECTURE STUDIO. This intellectual determination based on « leaving open the wounds of possibilities» (Kierkegaard) implies that before participating in any project, one must try to set free from all stylistic or technical presumption and remain open to the context’s suggestions. This step is set within the very heart of the process. This process is meant to be iterative and abstract, as well as organic and tangible.