Amann Cánovas Maruri

Madrid | Da 1987

golondrina 80., 28023 Madrid, Spagna
Telefono + 34 913070667


Amann Cánovas Maruri


Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas and Nicolás Maruri associate in 1987 and settle in Madrid.
Since then, they teach at the ETSAM (Madrid School of Achitecture). Also they have focused on searching new housing units types and housing blocks reconfiguration, according to contemporary public space and urban issues.
As an office they have received more than seventy national and international awards, such as, Best State Subsidized Housing Block by Government of Madrid, Best Architectural Proposal by the Government of Murcia, First Prize Biennale Zaragoza and National Housing Award forefront.
His most recent exhibitions were held at the AA in London, in NAI Rotterdam in IIT Chicago, Arizona CAPLAN, in the Venice Biennale, at the Cervantes Institute in Rio, Sao Paulo, Paris, Rome and New York, AEDES Gallery in Berlin, at the RIBA in London, and in many colleges and halls of architecture in Spain.
His work has been broadcast in more than three hundred magazines and books worldwide.

Premi e riconoscimenti

2010 First prize.
Restoration of the historical building for the local government
Local government of Zamora.

2008 First prize.
University of Extremadura Rectorate.
Governement Department of housing.

2008 First prize.
International competition for 140 State Subsidized Housing units in Totana, Murcia.
Local Department of housing. Murcia

2006 First prize.
International competition VIVA for 5688 State Subsidized housing blocks.
Governement Department of housing.

2006 First prize.
International competition VIVA for 5688 public dwellings.
Governement Department of housing.

2006 Second prize
International competition dor the Regeneration design of Portman Bay.
Murcia Regional government.

2005 First Prize.
International competition for housing in Cataluña: 400.000 dwellings.
Quaderns de arquitectura i urbanisme y COAC.

2005 Second Prize.
International landscape competition for Cope Cope.
Murcia Regional government.

2004 First Prize
International competition for future typologies in social housing.
CSCAE./Superior Conseil of spanish architecture colleges.

2003 First prize
National competition for housing building in Carabanchel.
Department of housing ,Madrid local government.

2003 First Prize
National competition for housing buiding in Carlos III wall in Cartagena.
Local government of Cartagena.

2002 First Prize
National Competition for spatial arrangement fo the old Instruction Army centre in Cartagena.
Local government of Cartagena. Murcia.

2001 Second Prize.
National competition for the new auditorium in Cartagena.
Local Government of Cartagena.

2000 First prize
National competition for public housing building in Lorquí.
Murcia Regional government.

1993 First Prize
National competition for the design of the historic neighbourhood “ El molinete” in Cartagena.
Murcia Regional government.