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In today's rapidly changing world people are more and more bombarded by continuous flows of disturbance. We have turned our backs on privacy, neglecting its peaceful solitude, and have morphed into the conspicuous "goldfish in the bowl". These noises and interferences in our worlds are ever increasing spreading like a grey vegetation, and is distracting us from the pure essence of life.
Privacy is a virtue everyone is entitled to. From time to time everybody may feel as if they want to hide, or even become invisible.
New privacy solutions are being formulated and perfected everyday deep down in the secret laboratories of Loook Industries. The objective is clear: To prevent our world from entering an age of no privacy by engineering simple but progressive ideas, and turning them into finished products that will ensure that privacy will never be passed into legend.
It all started in the summer of 2009 somewhere in southwestern Finland. Two designers with a dream, homeless yet ambitious, were enjoying cocktails and philosophizing over the latest design trends at a local lounge. They suddenly realized they couldn't hear themselves thinking over all the noise and buzz in the place. Always working and constantly on the move, they were riled by the fact that privacy was becoming a rare luxury and a problem for almost everyone living a mobile lifestyle.
They decided to do something about this newly emerging problem, and the very next day, they started conceptualizing various privacy solutions. Their desire to offer the world new creative ways to work and relax, secluded from hectic and noisy surroundings, gave birth to Loook Industries later that year.
Loook Industries designs and develops products for public spaces and working environments that provide their users visual, auditory and social privacy and secure their property.
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