KALESINTERFLEX Collection de Kale

Kalesinterflex is 100% porcelain ceramic, bringing with it the advantages associated with that material: fine aesthetics, easy-cleaning, durability, hygiene, fire resistance etc. On the other hand Kalesinterflex has far exceeded the boundaries associated with porcelain and indeed ceramics in general. The extraordinary dimensions of Kalesinterflex tiles – 1m x 3m x 3mm of thickness - make it the largest glazed or polished-surface tiles in the world, and also the lightest at only 7kg/m². Add to this the fact that Kalesinterflex is the only flexible ceramic tile in the world, with a 3m slab having a 5.5m range of flex, and the new range of possibilities become self-evident. It is this combination of unique qualities that makes Kalesinterflex uniquely suited to modern exterior covering applications. Kale Group specialized in exterior systems and offers a full technical support service offering a wide variety of solutions.

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